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Today, in this materialistic capitalistic world we live in, we are far too busy with the worldly matters and do not seriously think and reflect on the purpose of our existence. We believe any religion is here to restrict peoples lives and freedom. Yet, the very society we live in, the secular democratic society is and has restrictions thought out and enforced by human mind, which is not free from error. Religions claim to be divinely revealed and not manmade. On this, we encourage you to do your own research and learning to make your own conclusions as to what is the true religion. From amongst all the various religions, Islam is the most misunderstood, yet it is the fastest growing religion in the world and in every continent. It is in the media for all the wrong reasons. Its adherence may not be the best of examples. But, yet why are people accepting Islam as their religion and way of life? even in the midst of media propaganda and negative stereotyping of Islam and the Muslims by various Governments and Organisations in the world? which is partly due to the actions of some ignorant un-educated Muslims and due to a misguided minority of Muslims who (who think that they have knowledge of Islam) have gone to the extremes and justify their evil acts due to what they see of the foreign policy of US, UK. and from what they see of occupation and war in Muslim lands, thus permitting terrorism and suicide bombings. Which is prohibited in Islam.


Why is Islam the fastest growing religion in the World, yet the most misunderstood?

Why is the last Prophet to the World, Muhammad’s way of life so clearly detailed, written, preserved, learnt and followed by billions, yet other historical figures are not and become lost in time and history?

Why is it that if all the books in the world was to be burnt, the only book that will survive is the Qur’an (the book of the Muslims)?




Islam is a complete way of life; which means Peace. i.e. it brings peace, tranquillity and contentment to the life, soul, heart and mind of the one who submits his or her will, learns and adheres to it in their daily lives.


It is to submit ones will to the Will of the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and everything that exists. It is to live in this world learning and acting upon the way of life that the Creator has decreed for us and being patient.


That is; to worship, supplicate, vow, sacrifice and any other forms of worship to be directed to the only one true God,  Allaah the Creator. There is nothing like Him. He sees, He hears and He knows everything from above the heavens. The one who made us, gave us a life and provides and sustains us. The one who has blessed us with an intellect, eyes to see with, ears to hear with, tongue to talk with, blessed us with family and wealth amongst countless other blessings. He will question us as to how we lived in this world. The way we live our lives in this world, will determine our abode in the hereafter.


Islam is the only religion that calls to worshipping the Creator and to abandon worshipping creations. Humans, Prophets, Angels, Animals, Trees, idols, the Sun, the Moon, etc, As they are all creations and cannot help themselves, nor help others. The concept of the Creator and the creation is clear and detailed in Islamic teachings.  Its laws does not go against our natural inclinations, intellect, disposition, reason or logic. If we sincerely look in to and concentrate on its various laws without any pre-conceived notions, opinions or conclusions, we will realise that there are reasons and wisdom behind them as to why it is legislated. Then if we make comparisons with other religions, no doubt one will be astonished with the teachings of Islam.


This same message of guiding people to the way of life that God is pleased with was given to all the chosen men of God (Prophets and Messengers) to invite people to worship the Creator and abandon worshipping creation. This is the greatest task and responsibility one can hold after them. From the first man and Prophet, Adam (created without a father or mother) all the way to Prophet Jesus (created only through his mother, without a father) to the last and final of them, Prophet Muhammad.


Islam takes the middle path in everything, with regards to Jesus it affirms that Jesus is a Human being and is a Prophet of God, born miraculously to Mary without a father (as a test for all, whether they believe or not). He called to the worshipping the one true God. Whereas the Christians have gone to one extreme in making him to be the son of God or God himself. And the Jews belie and reject Jesus and plotted to crucify him.


Islam has not come to make life difficult and put restrictions on us, but rather it has come to make life easy for us. To establish peace, safety, security and justice in the world. To protect and preserve six essential matters, life, body, intellect, property, wealth and religions itself. It has come to give us glad tidings and liberate us from worshipping creations and liberate us from extremism towards the materialistics things of the world.


Life is a test we will be tested in various ways (death of a loved one, wealth, poverty, illness etc) and we will be held accountable for everything we did in this life.


We have a free will and intellect to research, analyse and compare all different religions and then make a decision and choose as to how to live our life before death comes upon us. As death is the only certainty and guaranteed thing in life and it will come sooner or later – where and how – only Allaah the One true God knows.


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