Why Islam? Out of all the other religions?

Why Islam? Out of all the other religions?

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Why Islam? Out of all the other religions?


If one objectively and justly researches into all religions and makes comparison, will come to the conclusion that Islam is the only religion that calls people to the worship of the One True God, Allah. All other religion teaches people to worship creation and call on them.


Islam is a religion and is a complete way of life from birth to death, from the age of maturity, understanding and pubity until death, from the moment we wake up until we go back to sleep. Islam encompasses and regulates our whole life.


It is a religion of belief, knowledge, statements and actions. Whoever learns, acts and submits to its teaching with knowledge, with an educated choice, will be blessed and will find peace, contentment in their lives. And will know how to deal, cope with the various trials and test of life Allah decrees.


Islam encompasses everything. On a personal level, how to clean ourselves in the toilet, how to bathe, how to eat and drink. How to cut our hair, How to dress, How to interact with the non-Muslims, neighbours, parents, wife, children, opposite gender, etc. It teaches how the Husband and wife to be intimate with each other, it teaches about marriage, business, finance, inheritance issues etc. It teaches us about the rights of Allah, the rights of His Messenger and the rights of people and other creation.


On a society level, Islam also encompasses our social, political and economical aspects of life. Muslim governments, Kings, leaders who are governing a country are obligated to apply, judge and establish the Laws of Allah, Shareah in the land. Whereas the individual and family are likewise to apply it in their homes.


Our purpose of life is to worship Allah alone, the one true God, the creator and sustainer of everything that exists, without associating any partners with Him. The only way we can worship Him as the way He wants us to, is by following the last and final Messenger, Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam unconditionally. We are required to learn and follow the Scholars, Imams based upon proofs from the Qur’an and the authentic Hadeeth with the correct understanding, the understanding of the Sahabah in every issue and not blind follow any particular Scholar, Madhab, nor be part of a sect, or a member of a group, organisation that is established based upon partisanship, man-made principles and methodologies. Rather, we must follow the Qur’an and Sunnah upon the Manhaj, methodology and understanding of our Salaf as-Salih (righteous predecessors).


We are all born on a natural state with the belief that Allah is the only one true God, who has the right to be worshipped alone, but, it is the parents, family, society that instils in us to believe in something else and worship creation. Once we reach the age of maturity, understanding, we have our own choice and are responsible to research, study, read and make our own decision and conclusion as to what is the purpose of life, what we want to believe in and follow.

Those of us who are born Muslims we have not been given a certificate to Jannah automatically, likewise, we need to research, study to find the true and correct understanding of Islam. The Islam of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam and his Companions radhiAllahu anhum. Learn and live by it until death.


This life is temporary, everything with a soul has to die. What we do in this world will determine our abode after death. We need to make a serious effort to step back and pondour, reflect, contemplate and seek out the purpose of our existence. No one can who is just, balanced and intelligent can deny that we have been created by a supreme being, a creator who is high above and separate from His creation, nothing is like Him and He is All-Seeing, All-Hearing and All-Knowing. The very creation of us and the creations around us, is a sign from the Lord of the Worlds.


Worship Allah the one true God, with fear, love and hope. Thank Him for the eyes, ears, intellect, tongue, hands, legs, bodily organs that He has blessed us with. Thank Him for the wealth, provision, job you have. Thank Him for having a family, parents, wife, children. Do not use His blessings to disobey Him.


Our real and permanent home is in Jannah, everlasting home. Palaces, houses made of gold and silver, with gardens under which rivers flow.

There will be river of honey, river of wine and river of milk. Alcohol will be permitted, but will not make one get drunk. Wearing of silk and gold will be permitted for the men (as in this world, it is not allowed for men). People of Jannah will live with their family happily forever, in addition, specifically women of Jannah (Hour al-een) will be provided for men along with being with their wives from this world, all this as a reward for the men and women, for the hard work they did in this life of obeying Allah and keeping away from sins, that which is displeasing to Him. Whatever the people of Jannah want, Allah will give it to them. They will also see Allah with their own eyes. There will be no defects in them, no urinating, no deficating, no sneazing, coughing, vomiting, menstruation, nothing at all. Their sweat will be smells of perfume. This is just a small glance at Jannah. May Allah give us all the ability to obey Him and keep away from the haram, forgive and have mercy on us and enter us all into His Jannah.


As for the opposite people, the people of Jahannam, Hellfire (may Allah save us from it)…then it is an everlasting home for the disbelieving people, who did not accept the message of worshipping the one true God. Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Those who committed Shirk with Allah, the greatest sin, the unforgivable sin. Worshipping and calling upon the creation, humans, Prophets, the dead, animals, statues, idols, stones, mountains, rivers, forests, the stars, the moon, the sun and so on. Those who belied the messengers, disbelieved in them. Who took life as a play and amusement, followed the Shaytan, followed their whims, desires and temptations. Running after the materialistic life of this world. Their only concern was to live their life as they please, unconditional unrestricted freedom to do whatever, eat, drink, work, play, fulfil their whims and desire, live and judge by man-made laws, live in big houses, drive nice cars, be with any woman etc. No concern, or thought or contemplation about the reason why they were created and purpose of life.

An abode, a home of fire forever, whose fuel is people and stones. A fire like a beast held down with chains by the angels. A fire seventy times more hotter than the fire of this world. That which will burn a persons skin and Allah will replace it so they feel the torment again and again forever. May Allah save us all from it.


As for the evil Muslims, sinful Muslims, heedless Muslims if Allah doesn’t envelope them with His Mercy without punishment, it will be a temporary place for the Muslims who fell in to evil, they believed in Laa ilaaha illal laa Muhammadur Rasoolullah but due to weakness of eeman and lack of knowledge, environment, society they were brought up in, they gave in to whispering of Shaytan, temptations, whims and desires. They did not fulfil the obligations and did not abstain from the prohibitions. They disobeyed Allah and His Messenger sallallahualaihi wa sallam. They will be there temporarily and will be taken out whenever Allah wishes. May Allah protect us and save us from it.


So, o people, live your life, study, work, train for a job for a better living standard in this world, work for the dunya, but moderately, but don’t forgot your Creator, thank Allah for the blessings He has bestowed on you, by obeying Him and His Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, be conscious of Him, fear Him in private and in public. As He is all seeing, All Hearing and All Knowing from above the seven Heavens. He also has His Malaeka angels writing down every good or bad deeds we do.


Strive hard and avoid the major sins at all cost and when you fall into minor sins, as we all do, repent immediately, fulfilling its conditions (sincerity, regret, remorse, conviction not to do it again, returning the rights of others) and rectify yourself. Even if you fall into that same sin over and over again. But, do not take minor sins lightly, it may pile up and become major. Allah is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, but at the same time He is shadhidhul eqab, severe in punishing.


Be sincere, steadfast and patient in obeying Allah, doing all the obligatory deeds, starting from preserving five times daily Salah within its time and being patient in abstaining from the prohibitions, constantly making dua for guidance and well being.


May Allah give us the ability to sincerely strive to learn and act upon this deen. Be upon the Qur’an and the Sunnah as the way the Sahabah and the Salaf as-Salih, the righteous predecessors understood it and all the Scholars who are upon this way up to our time.



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