The Masjid/Dawah Centre/Dawah Organisation

The Masjid/Dawah Centre/Dawah Organisation

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The Masjid / Da’wah centre / Da’wah Organisation                                              

Advice from Shaykh Khaalid Ar-Radaaddee

  1. To keep calling and having contact with the Scholars and the students of knowledge. To bring them to give talks in the Masjid. This is the job of those people who are responsible for this issue. These people should have the phone numbers of the Scholars and the student of knowledge. So it will be easy for them to be in contact with them.
  2. Establishment of more than one class a week especially in the main subjects of Aqeedah, Seerah, Fiqh and Adaab (good manners and etiquettes). With this it is important to choose someone who is qualified to supervise these classes so that (Insha’Allah) those classes won’t fall off which would prevent the people from benefiting.
  3. To use a board (news, message board) It should be placed at the end of the of the Masjid. (To announce to the lectures of the students of knowledge, seminars, classes and so forth). This board will benefit (Insha’ Allaah] those people who regularly attend the Masjid as well as those from out of town or other masaajid. So when they come they can see what is going on and be reminded to come back and benefit. You should have another board to announce all of the activities of the Masjid first. Then that which is needed for them to continue.

4, Also if you place two boxes in the Masjid the first box is for the questions (AI-Fatawa) it should be placed in a clear place in the Masjid so that would see it. That is for the questions are for the questions of the people and the things they want to know about. I recommend that you take one day a week and contact the students of knowledge or the Scholars to answer these questions. Or if the Imam has the ability to answer these questions let him do so. By reading from the books of knowledge. By reading for the questions in the fatawa of the committee of fatawa in Saudia Arabia (Lajnah), reading the fatawa of Sheikh Bin Baz, Sheik Ibnu Uthaymeen, Sheik Al-Albaani and other from Ahul Ilm.

  1. Also to have a box in the Masjid for other good reasons. This box will be in the hands of responsible righteous people. In this box we gather the sadaqah and the other donations. You must have a plan to give it (Sadaqah) out and or use some or part of it to keep the expenses of the Masjid paid.
  2. Also one of the things that should be done in the Masjid is that you assign a person to be by the door of the Masjid having a box to collect donations for the Masjid. It is from the responsibilities of the Imam of the Masjid to choose some of the pamphlets that have the Da’wah Allaah To give to the person who attend the Masjid.
  3. Also from the things that that will help the Masjid in being active in calling to Allah that should be taken place in the Masjid is and distributing beneficial tapes, books and pamphlets. We have to take into consideration the times and the places so as to distribute the right tapes, books or pamphlets. For example if it is the first of the year then we give those things talk about the beginning of the year. If it’s time for Ramadan then they should be a bout Ramadan for every time and place we have to give, the proper da’wah package to the people.
  4. Also from the things that should be taken place in the Masjid is to have classes to memorize the Qur¹an. We should haw a strong program for the Qur¹an for the different levels of the community. Classes separately the men, women and children. The Shaykh said that this gathering is for memorizing the Qur’aan. I urge the people to support this effort and to put your money down to support this effort. This is (i.e. the memorization of qur¹an) one most important thing that the people should learn.
  5. Also the Masjid should hold community gatherings. If not once a week then once every two weeks or once a month. In this gathering the community comes together to discuss that which is needed to keep the efforts alive and that which is needed to benefit themselves and others. Also it will be a means for them to get to know one another and to check on one another.

1O. Also another point that will bring the people together [Insha¹ Allaah) is to organize some days (i.e. Picnicks, community outings). Also to go and check on others. We have to plan for these things Insha¹ Allah so that they can be beneficial.

  1. Also he said that the Masjid should have a library, which includes the main books in the different subjects titles. And all that which is needed for the students of knowledge and those people who come to the Masjid so they may stay focus of the religion. Also you should organize quizzes. This library should be assessable to the people so that they can benefit from it.
  2. Also you should have a storage place (safe) to save the donations. Then some trustworthy and righteous people are appointed to take care of this storage place. To give it and divide it (donations) amongst the poor and needy people.
  3. You should have a committee of two or three people whose main job is to visit the Muslims. Especially visiting those people who don’t come to the Masjid often. (You see that sometimes people come to Masjid then all of a sudden they don’t come to the Masjid). Their main job is to go and see the people. They go to see why the people aren¹t coming to the Masjid. They go and talk to the people in a good way giving them advice trying to bring them back to the Masjid. To make salat in the Masjid. I recommend that the Imam and Mudazan be the head of this committee.
  4. You should select a committee from the people of the Masjid. Their job is make reconciliation between the people. When some disputes happen to members of the community or Muslims. I recommend that Imam be from amongst this group along with those righteous people who know with their wisdom, their knowledge, their understanding and character. The purpose of this committee is to bring people together and to reconcile In between them.
  5. Also the Muslims in the same Masjid should try to break the fast together especially in month of Ramamadhan and for the recommended times of fasting.

16.To established a website so you can show the activities of the Masjid and show the role of the Masjid in Calling to AllaahI with the condition that righteous people who know what they are doing should take care of that project. [Isha¹Allaah)

This is what Allaah has made easy for me to present to you. In making a clarification pertaining to the tremendous role of the Masjid In calling to AIIaah. If the Jama’aah of that Masjid follow these steps and put them into practice with sincerity They will see the fruit of their efforts [Insha Allaah) and they will see their real role of tile Masjid in calling to Allaah.


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