The Conditions of People During Ramaḍān by Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān

The Conditions of People During Ramaḍān by Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān

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All praise is due to Allâh, The Most Perfect and Gracious, who has enabled for us the month of Ramadhân, which He made as a season for forgiveness and pardoning, and I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship (in truth) except Allâh alone, associating none (in worship) with Him, “Whosoever is in the heavens and on earth begs of Him (its needs from Him). Every day He has a matter to bring forth[1],” and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and messenger, the one sent to both mankind and Jinn, may the praise and security of Allâh be upon him, his family and his companions, and those who follow them with perfection.

To proceed

‘O people fear Allâh! And know that a great month has come upon you, an honourable season, that is “the month of Ramadhân in which the Qur’ân was revealed as a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of guidance and criterion.[2] Indeed, it is the month of mercy, a month of forgiveness, and a month of emancipation from the fires of Hell, so seize it before it escapes you, for indeed, happy is the one who takes advantage of his time and repents from his sins, and increases in his righteous actions. As for the deprived person, Allâh has forbidden for him these great seasons. Indeed, he is the deprived one. The deprived person is not the one who misses out in the dunya, but rather in reality, the deprived person is the one who loses out in the Hereafter. So take advantage, may Allâh have mercy upon you, of this month. Know it’s worth, fully appreciate its value, exalt it, enrich it with acts of obedience and drawing nearness (to Allâh), for this opportunity will cease to exist, and nothing will remain except Al-Hayy Al-Qayyoom (The Ever-Living, The Sustainer of all Existence), therefore you will not remain alive, nor will the month or days continue to exist: “Everyone upon the earth will perish, and there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honour[3].”

O Slaves of Allâh, verily the people differ a great deal in this month. There are those who know nothing of this except it to be a month of an assortment of various foods, drinks, and restaurants, thus filling their stomachs with food and drink, and being lethargic in the obedience of Allâh (far removed is Allâh from any imperfection), perhaps neglecting the obligatory, so how much more with the voluntary?! And there are those people who know nothing of this month except it to be month for staying awake throughout the night in amusement, heedlessness, lack of eagerness, and gossip, whilst sleeping throughout the day, without performing the obligatory prayers on time or with the congregation. And there are those among the people who know nothing of this month except it to be a month of watching TV series, plays, comedy and contests; gambling contests which the enemies of Allâh and His Messenger, and the enemies of the Muslims have set up. Indeed, your enemies have paid attention to harming you. They know this month is your opportunity with Allâh; they make you neglect this opportunity with such things like mockeries, trifles and heedlessness. So be wary of that, and keep your children away from these heedless, trivial, immoral programmes which draw you away from the remembrance of Allâh (the Exalted), wasting your time and prayers. Where is the value of this month, O slave of Allâh? From these categories (of people), only a few people who Allâh (the Most High) has granted success during this month: “Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds – few are they[4],” they are the successful ones, they are the profiteers, even if they are few; one is like thousands.

Fear Allâh, O servants of Allâh! Seize your month, preserve your time, turn away from that which will be of harm to you, for indeed these opportunity may not return, the days will end, and the seasons will pass by. Take yourself into account with this month and other than it. Indeed, this worldly-life is nothing except what he sets forth for his Hereafter from the righteous of actions. The worldly-life will come to an end, mankind will perish, hours pass by, and nothing will remain except what man set forth for himself from the good or evil. Nothing belongs to mankind from this worldly-life except, his lifespan which he lives; look at what you’re spending your life on. How is it that you spend your night and day:”But did we not grant you life enough for whoever would remember therein to remember, and the warner had come to you? So taste (the punishment), for there is not for the wrongdoers any helper.[5]

Fear Allâh, O servants of Allâh! Be grateful to Allâh who allowed you to reach this month, ask Him to allow you to complete it with goodness, and ask Him that He appoints for you deeds which please Him. Be wary of negligence, heedlessness, and time-wasting, and do not follow those who turn away from the path of Allâh, and the path of righteousness and success. For those who turn away from the path of Allâh are many, and the means of evil are various in this era, they have reached the depths of the homes, into the people’s bedrooms and into their dreams.

Fear Allâh, O servants of Allâh! In the first generation no one was affected by a trial, except the one who approached it and went to it, whilst now the trials come to you, while you are in your homes, on your beds.

Fear Allâh, O servants of Allâh! Indeed the harm is great, but Allâh has placed the means of victory in your hands, and this great month is from the means of victory for the one to whom Allâh grants success. This great month has come upon the Muslims, yet they differ.”Indeed, your efforts are diverse.[6] They vary in their efforts. So from them are those who perform excellently throughout the year and take this month to increase his good deeds. Then there is the negligent one who is mindful during this month and consciously does not allow this month to pass and diminish his good deeds, so he redeem himself, turning to Allâh in repentance and in return Allâh turns to him with acceptance. Then there is from them the stray cattle who return back to Allâh, turning in repentance to Allâh. The fire was calling him, so Allâh frees him from the Fire in this month when he returns back to Allâh, and repents to Him. Indeed this month trains the people to do good deeds, awakens the people from heedlessness. Indeed, this month is a great opportunity bestowed upon us, so take advantage of it, and may Allâh grant you success. How many are those who wish to reach this month but are chosen by death so do not reach it. And how many are those who reach it yet do not complete it, and yet how many complete it but do not benefit from it, so learn a lesson,  O people of sight, reflect upon yourself.

I seek refuge in Allâh from the cursed Satan. “O you who believe, fear Allâh, and let every soul look to what it has put forth for tomorrow, and fear Allâh, indeed, Allâh is Acquainted with what you do. And be not like those who forgot Allâh, so He made them forget themselves. Those are the defiantly disobedient. Not equal are the companions of the Fire and the companions of Paradise. The companions of Paradise – they are the attainers [of success]. If We had sent down this Qur’ân upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbled and coming apart from the fear of Allâh. And these examples We present to the people that perhaps they will give thought.[7]May the Blessings of Allâh in the Glorious Qur’ân be upon me and you, and may He benefit us with what is in the Wise Reminder (Adh-Dhikr Al-Hakeem), I seek forgiveness from Allâh for myself and you, and for all the Muslims from all our sins, so ask Him for forgiveness for indeed He is The Oft-Forgiving, The Bestower of Mercy.


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