The Best Deeds in Ramaḍān

The Best Deeds in Ramaḍān

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[Q.] What are the good deeds which are desirable in the blessed month of Ramaḍān?

[A.] The good deeds which are desirable in Ramaḍān are many, most importantly: observing what Allāh has obligated in Ramaḍān and other than it from the prayers and fasting, then increasing in voluntary deeds after that, such as reciting the Qurʾān, Ṣalāt al-Tarāwīḥ, the night prayer, charity, Iʿtikāf, and increasing the remembrance of Allāh with al-Tasbīḥ (saying ‘SubḥānAllāh’), al-Taḥlīl (saying ’Lā ilāha illAllāh’) and al-Takbīr (saying ‘Allāhu Akbar’), sitting in the Masjid for worshipping therein, and protecting the fast from what will invalidate it or break it from the impermissible and disliked actions and statements.

Reference: Fatāwā Ramaḍāniyyah – Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān [Source:]

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