specifying specific scholars as reference points

specifying specific scholars as reference points

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Specifying Specific Scholars as Reference Points in the Correction of Arrairs is a Form of Hizbiyyah
Shaykh Rabee’

Source: This was from a link up with the Shaykh on Sunday, 13th January 2001, from the UK, Leicester, and is recorded on cassette.

Question: Is it permissible for us to make a specific Salafi Shaykh from those who know our problems as a reference point for ourselves in order to solve our disputes of methodology in our centre [i.e. in the running and organization of affairs] specifically, such that no deception can occur in the questions (put to him)?

Shaykh Rabee’ bin Haadee: There is splitting and partisanship (tahazzub) contained in this. And we have seen some people showing partisanship to the people of Shaam, and other people showing partisanship to the people of Riyaadh and others showing partisanship to the people of Yemen. So all of this is splitting and partisanship. However, make all of the Mashaayikh, together to be in front of you.

For they are your brothers, your fathers, your beloved ones, and your true friends. And because this distinction and this separation (i.e. of specifying specific people) was not known, except [now] in these days. And some attemptshave begun now to specify so and so and so and so to solve the problems, and we have rejected this, since these manifestations of haughtiness have come to us from America, with every group wanting to specify a specific Shaykh for itself. This is partisanship.

So consider yourselves in the whole world as a single Jamaa’ah, and consider the Shaykhs in the world as a whole, as one brotherhood, and leave aside this nationalism, and these things that separate and split.

This is because the Mashaayikh, amongst them are those who are lenient (mutasaahil), and those who are upright and balanced, and those who are severe, this is how it is. So if you were to be eager for the one who is severe, he will deprive you, and if you were to be eager for the one who is lenient, he will deprive you. Hence, count all the Mashaayikh, may Allaah bless you, so that you benefit from this one and from that one, may Allaah bless you. And prayers and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad.

[1] With this, we advise all the Ahl us-Sunnah, the Salafis, the Atharis to consider all of the scholars as reference points in the issues that arise amongst them and not just so and and so and so, as this causes splitting and differing and undue partisanship.

[2] This applies especially so to those involved with the running of centres or organisations, as this is the context of the question.

[3] And it applies also, generally speaking, to the affairs of da’wah.



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