Shaykh Abdul Muhsin al-Abbad’s Advice to Shaykh Rabie and the fitnah between the two camps of Salafis and its remedy

Shaykh Abdul Muhsin al-Abbad’s Advice to Shaykh Rabie and the fitnah between the two camps of Salafis and its remedy

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Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Al-Abaad’s Advice to Shaykh Rabie and the the fitnah between the two camps of Salafis and its remedy

All praises are due to Allah and As-Salaat Was-Salaam on the one who was sent as a Rahmah for mankind, our Prophet. And upon his family members and companions.

Amma Ba’du:

Our Shiekh Al-Allaamah Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abaad (may Allah preserve him) was asked this question in his lesson yesterday (The explanation of the 40 Hadith of An-Nawwawee):

The questioner said: ‘This question is being asked so that it can be recorded and spread, as it’s opposite was spread. Respected Sheikh, a rumor has been spread by some people who have diseased hearts.

They falsely claim that you have criticized Shiekh Rabee in one of your lessons. And we don’t think they intended by this, anything but to pit the scholars against one another. So what is your statement concerning this, and what is your advice/instructions (Tawjeehaat) to them? We want this tape to be taken and spread as a clarification of their falsehood”.

The Shiekh (may Allah preserve him) answered by saying: “Shiekh Rabee is from those who are busy with knowledge during these times. And he also has great efforts in working with the Sunnah. And he also has publications/writings. He has some tremendously beneficial publications.

But during recent times, he has become busy with affairs that he should not have become busy with. It was befitting for him to become busy with what he was doing at first. Being diligent with his beneficial efforts in writing. And during these last days some affairs have taken place with him that we don’t agree with. And we ask Allah Azza Wa Jallah to give us and him the Tawfeeq in all that is good. And that He also gives the Tawfeeq for all in that which will be praised in the end.

I’m not critsizing him and I am not warning against him. I say he is from the capable scholars. And if he busies himself with knowledge and being serious in it, he will give a lot of benefit.

Prior to this time, his efforts were greater than his efforts are now! I believe Shiekh Rabee is from the scholars (we’re) comfortable with (utma’anna ilayhi) and his benefit is great. But everyone’s (statements) are accepted and rejected. And there is no one who is infallible. And I disagree with him in some of the affairs that have happened. Especially, recently from what has happened concerning the Fitnah that has spread and become prevalent.

The students of knowledge have begun to boycott each other and to dispute with each other and to quarrel with each other. As a result of what has transpired between him (Sh. Rabee) and others. To the point the people have divided into two groups. And the Fitnah has become prevalent and disastrous!

It was an obligation upon him and the others (involved) to leave the continuation of that which caused the Fitnah, and also to leave the Ziyaadah (additon) and Istimraar (continuation) in that. And all of them should have become occupied with beneficial knowledge, without all of this that has caused division and caused this scattering.

I ask Allah Azza Wa Jallah to give everyone Tawfeeq.

(The end of the Shiekh’s statement)

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