Seek It

Seek It

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Seek the truth in every issue

Seek the guidance from Allah in every issue

Seek the evidence in every issue.

Seek the principles of Ahlus Sunnah in every issue

Seek the Sunnah in every issue.

Seek the correct understanding of our Salaf as-Salih in every issue

Seek the Manhaj, the methodology of our Salaf as-salih in every issue.

On the issues of fiqh, ijtihad (where there is no specific evidence or conflicting evidence or scholars have differed on an issue) read both sides or all sides and take what you feel comfortable with.

Stay away from sins, innovations in the Deen and blind following of personalities, Imam, Shaykh, Talib etc.

Stick to the Ulamah and Tullab who direct you to this way, to the above.

This will bring about true unity in the Ummah.



Our religion of Islam is based upon the Quran and the authentic ahadeeth as understood by the Sahabah and the early generations of Muslims, the Salaf as-Salih. The way they understood and implemented the deen. We are required to follow the Scholars and Students based upon evidence and not blind follow any of them. We learn from them so long as they are upon what we have stated above. We reject anyone that opposes the above methodology, no matter how big that speaker is, how popular, how eloquently spoken, having a large following, having a degree etc. If he is not on the above methodology we do not seek knowledge from him.

As for one who calls generally to the correct Aqeedah and Manhaj, (the Prophets and his Companions way) but has slight mistakes, this is normal and natural as no one is perfect.  But he is adviced.

As for one who contradicts the texts and the correct understanding and calls to other than the Prophets Aqeedah and Manhaj, contradicts the saved victorious group, than we stay away from him.

As for one who calls to the Prophets Aqeedah, but not to his manhaj, than we are cautious of his manhaj and

Stay away, but are aware he is upon the correct Aqeedah.

There is a difference in agreeing/acknowledging the correctness of a statement, if it eminanted from a person of misguidance, one who opposes the Aqeedah and manhaj of our Salaf as-Salah and actually going to study from him, attending his lessons, listening to his talks, reading his books, promoting him and taking him as a role model, personality to follow…

There is a difference between the two.

Acknowledging is merely stating wether it was truth or false (provided one has knowledge) this doesn’t give the green light to take from misguided preachers because they have some ‘khair’ good.

For example:

Shaytaan taught us ayatul kursi

1.) The prophet ﷺ was the one who approved it, after Abu Huraira informed him

2) He confirmed that he is misguided by saying


أَمَا إِنَّهُ قَدْ صَدَقَكَ وَهُوَ كَذُوبٌ


“He spoke the truth (i.e in this instance) but he is a repetative lier”

So that means we DO NOT take from the shaytaan on account of this one deed, namely, him telling us the best verse in the Quran

So we stay way from the people of bida and never lend them an ear, but if we come across something true (provided we have knowledge) then we accept the truth but our stance remains the same against them, for who they are, I. E deviants and misguided.

It is very sad and concerning to see brothers and sisters who are practicing, but do not pay attention to seeking of true knowledge and from the reliable people. They look for ikhtilaf, difference of opinion and focus more politics and current affairs, than learning, studying Islamic knowledge, its proofs and principles on various issues. They ask too many random speakers from variety of dawah background the same question,, fish for fatwah , without researching investigating that person’s Aqeedah, manhaj and understanding. What his dawah is, his call, who he takes from etc… So they  get confused and confuse others…

Confusion also occurs when one befriends a variety and large number of brothers from various backgrounds in knowledge and dawah. The one who wants to be upon the Book and Sunnah upon the manhaj Salaf as-Salah, should and must only befriend those upon this same blessed way. Though one should keep connection with childhood friends once or twice a year for main purpose of dawah and not just mere socialisation for old times.

One must keep far from having kuffar friends, non practising friends and keeps away from those upon other than the Salafi dawah. To protect himself from misguidance, confusion and desires. Though in certain times and place, Ahlus Sunnah may have to unite and show uniformity with the other Muslims from Ahlul Bida and even Kuffar to eradicate certain social evil found in the land, like prostitution, drugs, gang violence etc.

Salaf used to say, I don’t know what is better blessing, to be guided to Islam generally or to be guided to the Sunnah specifically….. Also, from the blessings on a person, is he is guided to be with, befriend, take ilm from a person of Sunnah.

I know brothers who are not Scholars, nor Students of knowledge, but are Seekers of Knowledge (which all Muslims are required to be)… I have found them more knowledgeble in the deen, blessed with the correct understanding, know the current situation, current affairs of the Muslims, are aware of the Ummah, know the problems and solutions than many of the Students of knowledge… Even Though these brothers have no formal academic Islamic qualifications? in the deen…. This is a proof that correct knowledge and understanding is from Allah, He grants to whom He wills. It is not about a Islamic certificate, PhD, Masters, popularity, fame, eloquant speaker, etc… Allah says:  Ask the people of knowledge, if you don’t know,. I. E. Specifically the reliable Ulamah, Scholars upon the Sunnah, who provide evidence, correct understanding …. Then the generally students and seekers of knowledge… Anyone endowed with knowledge and understanding that one knows and trusts.

[] By Abu Moosa


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