Ramaḍān and Safeguarding the Hearts and Tongues

Ramaḍān and Safeguarding the Hearts and Tongues

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Ramaḍān is a blessed month, a golden opportunity and a divine gift to safeguard the heart and tongue from all ailments and malice. The point of fasting is not that you abstain from food and drink while your heart breaks it on malice, envy and enmity towards the servants of Allāh or your tongue breaks it on backbiting, tale-carrying, deception, lying and abuse.

So indeed the one who is like this has not benefitted from his fast except hunger and thirst as has come in the ḥadīth:

“Perhaps a fasting person, his only portion of his fast is hunger and thirst and perhaps someone who stands [in prayer], his portion of his
standing is only lack of sleep.”

Reported by Aḥmad from the ḥadīth of Abū Hurayrah (may Allāh be pleased with him) that goes back to the Prophet (may Allāh’s praise and security be upon him).

So seize the month of good to rectify your heart and protect your tongue. May Allāh cause you to reach this month and attain His pleasure.

Source: http://al-badr.net/muqolat/3257

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