Question to Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzan

Question to Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzan

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Question to Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzan

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Question: We have a group of people in our city who are hasty in; making Tab’dee (declaring someone to be an innovator) and openly warning against and ordering Hajr (abandonment) of people of Ahlus-Sunnah who do not agree with them in certain issues or in taking positions against certain people. This Ghuloo (extremism) has led to the splitting of Ahlus-Sunnah in Britain (as well as many other countries) and has made people turn away from the Deen and the Da’wah. So what is you advice regarding these individuals and their likes?


Answer: My advice to you is that you turn to seeking knowledge and to leave the disputes and the argumentations. Where as if you were to seek knowledge and acquire that knowledge, you would know the solution to what you are facing.


As such, as long as everyone remains ignorant, then the arguments will increase and continue and will not cease except with the seeking of knowledge. So upon you is to embark upon knowledge.


And do not turn to those who make Tab’dee of people (declaring people to be innovators) or those who make Tafseeq of people (declaring people to be sinners and wrongdoers) or those who fall into cursing.


So leave them and do not pay attention to them. Rather take into consideration the path that they are upon.



Author: Ash-Shaikh Wasee-Ullaah ‘Abbaas [1]
Source: A recorded lecture by the Shaikh, September 2006
Translator: Abu Sumayyah AbdurRaoof Muhammad
Published: Sunday 1st October, 2006

Shaykh Wasee-Ullah stated: So based upon this, it is not permissible for you to block the Salafis, the callers to the Book and the Sunnah, due to a mistake or two. And if the mistake is well-known we should stay away from it, however we can take from him that which is devoid of error as long as his manhaj is generally correct. This is the true statement and the true opinion in light of the texts of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. So now for example with Imaam Al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah) it is not obligatory to accept all of his statements. From what we know there is no doubt that there are some opinions which opposed his view which are more correct.

Likewise any individual who is known to be upon the pure and correct manhaj, yet he holds an incorrect opinion, we leave that opinion and we benefit from his remaining sciences. As for making Tabdee’ and calling for Hajr to be made against everyone who falls into error. Then this path is not the path of the Salaf. Rather this is the path of the Khawaarij. Who went to such extremes that they ended up making takfeer of people due to some mistakes and the issue may have only been an error according to their opinion.

Also last week some of you people asked some questions, which (By Allaah) were not suitable for you to have asked, as they did not benefit you. This indicates that within your jama’at are some people who are not from the Salafi Dawah. Rather they have entered into your ranks, like the munaafiqeen (hypocrites) who wish to divide the established Salafis.

They promote within you the likes of these questions and you asked this man (Abee ‘Amr al-Hajooree) about Dr. Suhaib Hasan and about the noble brother who I know has good ‘aqeedah, Abee Usaamah Ath-Thahabi and you asked about Jami’at Ahl ul-Hadeeth in India and in other than India. I heard some speech from the brother who answered the questions and I was amazed that he spoke with that which was not verified nor affirmed and this is not from the door (way) of the scholars. That one speaks without evidence or knowledge.

He (Abee ‘Amr) described all of the Jami’ah with innovation and that they are innovators (Mubtadi’a) and mentioned some texts regarding innovators and applied them to the Jami’ah which has a large involvement in spreading the Sunnah and opposing innovation.

Allaahu Akbar!!! I am not able to say anything except that this speech is based upon the brother’s Jahl (ignorance) of the manhaj of innovation and the Salafi manhaj, as he does not make a distinction between the manhaj of innovation and the Salafi manhaj. So it was not befitting for you brothers to ask the likes of such questions to a person who does not know the reality.

And I say to you (in reality) that you should not criticise the people and you should benefit from those whom Allaah has granted knowledge and virtue, especially Dr. Suhaib Hasan and he is far from where you (the brothers in the USA) are anyway! So what is the benefit in asking about him? SubhaanAllaah!!!

I know and Allaah knows best, that he is from an area in India and then moved to Europe, and he (Dr. Suhaib Hasan) is the most knowledgeable person in Britain in ‘Aqeedah, ‘Ilm and action by the will of Allaah. Also there are differences in opinion due to ijtihaad or from the rulings of the scholars and if a person follows these, then it does not mean that the person has been expelled from the Salafi manhaj or from the correct manhaj.

Likewise, there is with you one of the brothers, Dr Abdul’Aali al-‘Aadhamee, who is in Britain or America, who is from the brothers of the people of hadeeth and has a lot of knowledge, so it is appropriate to benefit from him. However I do not hear him being mentioned.

The person who you asked (Abee ‘Amr) also spoke about Abee Usaamah Ath-Thahabi and described him as being “an innovator”, yet the brother Ath-Thahabi as I have known, sat with and heard about during these days, is one who possesses correct ‘Aqeedah (from before and up to today) and he is of healthy ideas, he does not possess any leniency in ‘Aqeedah.

Yes, he may not agree with some of the opinions of the people, or the opinions of some people, yet this does not substantiate for all of you that are upon the correct manhaj; to hate, severe off or boycott him. He (Aboo Usaamah) benefits the brothers there in Britain, Birmingham. However, from the issues that are present. There are people who hate the Jamiat totally! For this reason, they spread things about him (Aboo Usaamah). So it is not befitting to listen to the likes of these people.

And what the speaker described (in your lecture) about the Jami’ah and that they should be totally warned against and that it is a Jami’ah of innovation and secrecy, which I personally heard. Then I say to the brother who spoke, the mufti (who gave the legal ruling) to fear Allaah, do not feign (pretend to have) knowledge and do not harm or cut the people with the sword of your verdicts.

I do not know his name, but I know that he is from Al-Yemen and all of them want to be great scholars (‘Allaamah) like ‘Allaamah Muqbil ibn Haadee (rahimahullaah). Let them be aware and let him be aware in trying to reach him! That great noble man who spoke with intelligence, he (Imaam Muqbil) said in Makkah himself, excusing himself from some statements about some people saying: “We make a ruling upon a person based upon what comes to us from the people, and we do not know the full reality.”

This is what he said in Makkah. So it is befitting to know that as long as he said this; that if one only has ignorance of a matter to say: “I don’t know, some people have merely mentioned this to me and I say what is apparent to me.” If this is only said. But to make tabdee’ of every Jama’ah and to say that it is a Jama’ah of secrecy then this issue needs to be looked into and one needs to repent to Allaah from it. And it is therefore upon you that you do not get affected by this.

And I say, BarakAllaaha Feekum, the brother who mentioned the Jami’at Ahl ul-Hadeeth which is a Jami’ah which I was raised with Alhamdulillaah, for that reason I defend them and as such I wish for the true affair to reach you Inshaa’Allaah.

As for the issue of bay’ah which arose. As it was said that this Jami’ah has a bay’ah, then do you know that there is a hadeeth which (for that reason) some individuals of the Jami’ah say that it is not permissible for a Muslim do die without having a bay’ah to anyone around his neck (i.e. without having made a pledge of allegiance to anyone). Not all from the Jami’ah Ahl ul-Hadeeth in India believe in the correctness of this speech, it is only the speech of certain individuals.

So their affair is clear and also there is no secrecy with them. This man spoke as if he was the most knowledgeable of this era! I say to him to fear Allaah and I say to the brother who spoke, gave the ruling and made tabdee’ that’ if they do have mistakes then inform them and by the will of Allaah they will accept, if it was a mistake. And along with this, it is not compulsory for a person to accept the opinion of another. I say to them once again that sufficient is a person considered as a liar for narrating everything he hears.

Then the next matter is; that in front of you are many issues my brothers, in America and Britain, such as the speech from the Christians, Jews, Qaadiyaanis, Baha’is and Shee’ah. However I do not hear from you questions regarding these matters?!

Yet you attack the strangers from amongst you and the weak ones and this is not a righteous action. It is as if this disease has come to you from Britain. As there are a group of people who I met and spoke to (so I am not just speaking about what I heard). They are those who affiliate themselves to SP. Yet their striving is only against the Salafis with little that is right and much that is false! If they really wanted to seek the face of Allaah, they would have rectified their own state of affairs and the affairs of their brothers.

There are also some issues which do not necessitate splitting and division between themselves and the Jami’ah (In Birmingham). They describe the Jami’ah with Hizbiyyah. Yet they are the ones who left them and split away from them and they are the ones who created and formed partisanship. So they are the Hizbiyyoon.[2]

And I debated with a man who is called Abu Khadeejah, regarding his opposition to the Jami’ah in every small and big thing, whether it was right or false, and he did not come with anything convincing. So I advise him and all of the brothers to leave off blocking the way of their brothers and to take what will benefit them in this life and in the hereafter, if they truly intend the face of Allaah.

If however, they just want to rule over and control the servants of Allaah or want to run the affairs of the people, then akhee, why don’t you just get yourself a flock of goats or sheep and then you can direct these sheep to wherever you want to direct them! Some people just desire to control the affairs of others! So just go!!!

And finally I say do not busy yourselves with the likes of these issues, which is a deadly poison to the Jama’ah, the Jama’ah of the Salafis. We do not see a Qaadiyaani talking about another Qaadiyaani, or one who has the ‘Aqeedah of the ‘Ash’arees or the likes speaking against each other, we never see this! For this reason, take the lectures of the scholars and benefit from them. I give salaam to you and bid farewell to you and I hope that you will spread my speech here fully without omitting anything via the (well-known) means of distribution.

Wassalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu.


[1] The Shaikh holds the positions of
-Teacher in Grand Masjid (al Masjid al Haram), Makkah
– Professor at Ummul Quraa University, Makkah Al-Mukarramah

[2] This is from the aspect of them having partisanship and it is NOT tabdee’ of them. The Shaikh hafidhahullaah confirmed this to us.



Below is a quick transcription of the words as translated in Masjid Tawheed, Leyton London from Shaykh Wasee’Ullah Abbaas.

It is not the whole tape as in this forum the rest of the tapes benefit doesn’t belong so I hope to transcribe some more questions and answers that the Shaykh benefitted us with.


Shaykh says this is from the fitnah from the Youth ( the questions) and the shaykh mentioned that what is it that even abu dhaar from the companions he made mistake and the other sahabba kept away from this mistake. The shaykh mentions that what is it that these people, that majority of their lives were on the street and now they are “multazim” what understanding do they have that allows them to tarnish others. Then the shaykh mentioned that they go on and at the toss of a coin turn on some individuals for mistakes and this is not the way of giving a rebuttal and even the small student of knowledge knows this.

HE went on and mentioned that shaykh in dammaj yahya al hajooree and he is know for his khayr and the benefit he has given but we don’t agree with him in all he has said. And he maybe mistaken too. We know his virtue and give him his place.

Then he went on to mention that this question with regards the ulemah kibar and there is a group who claim that their organisation is backed by the kibbar and he odered it to be written down as SP and that I have challenged these individuals to back up what they say. He said that they have caused Fitnah here in the UK and that they pose questions in the mamlaka as Saudia and they are not truthfull in the way they pose them and the shaykh says they are in reality Juhaal.
He used the example of them going around the mamalaka and asking what’s the ruling on voting and then the mashayik will of course rule it forbidden and then you take that fatwa and apply it on Abdul Hadi from JMAH then this is simply unacceptable

But why not ask and say these persons are involved in this and that and shaykh Waseeullah says that when these names and people who made these ijtihaad are known then the ruling will be different. They take a general statement and apply it and this is a warped understanding

And then the shaykh also made duaa

May they be Guided or the Muslims be protected from them

The shaykh then went on to testify that the shaykh Shuaib Hasan that he has known him for many years and that the shaykh has correct aqeedah and sound footing in the deen and he knows of his works in dawah in this country and elsewhere. He also mentioned that it’s not correct to leave these people with knowledge and to abandon them. The juhaal know nothing. He said the solution is to come back to such individuals as shaykh shoaib and not go away from them and then to present whatever there are of problems to be rectified. So if you abandoned these people then who will you refer back to??
Back to your own ignorance in understanding Islam. So is it not better to come back to these people rather than spread ignorance amongst the people.

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