Kitab Al-Tawheed Lesson 67 Chapter 40 Ustad Muzakkir Ahmed

Kitab Al-Tawheed Lesson 67 Chapter 40 Ustad Muzakkir Ahmed

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Due to corrupt audio, this is a summary of the lesson, apologies for any inconvenience. 

LESSON 67 – CHAPTER 40 part 2


1) All attributes are perfect without any defects.

Al hayaat , Arahmaan etc.

Surah Nahl – “To Allah belongs the highest attributes”

2) Their are more attributes of Allah than names. E.g. hands of Allah, eyes of Allah, speech of Allah.

These attributes of Allah is connected to the action of attributes like Arzaaaq – Ar Rizq – it’s part of his provision Quran “Your lord has arrived” -majee- Sifaat of action Ayah talks about angels coming in Rows – the believers will then do sujood and the mufiqoon will have crooked back.

Attributes in 2 Categories

1) Subootiyah – Attributes we affirm.

Allah comes down to lowest heaven 3rd part of night. He comes down in a way that befits him.

2) Thalbiyah ( mean to strip off )- Attributes we deny.

E.g. Death, sleep, tiredness, zulm

Zulm an attribute we deny but affirm the opposite “just”

Allahs says “ Your lord does not oppress anyone”


Hadith 1) The Black stone is the right hand of Allah – WEAK!!

IBN AL ARABI (Maliki imaam) Hadith Weak

IBN ARABI (Soofi imaam) Said Allah in creation = MAJOR KUFR

Hadith 2) Black stone is th right and of Allah and if you shake it you are shaking the hand of Allah – WEAK!! by Sheikh Al Baani

Hadith 3) Authentic, Prophet (saw) “the heart of the believers is in between the two fingers of Arahmaaan”

– He is not in creation

– wrong to say Allah’s fingers in our heart

– We don’t know how it’s done

– We affirm he has fingers

Hadith 4) “Oh turner of the heart; turn my heart to your religion”

– We don’t know how he turns the heart

-Nor do we need to know

Quran verses

“Rose above the throne” ibn Jarir Said “above the throne”

Ibn Abbas, imam Baghawi – we take it as it is and don’t go beyond that.

We affirm he rose, we take it literally and leave the HOW!!

Surah Mujadilah 7 – “He is with them wherever they maybe” We take it literally so Is he inside creation, NO!!

Sheikh Uthaymeen said his knowledge is with us, hearing, seeing us.

His above his throne and with us so Ibn taymiyaah said The sun is set at its peak and the heat comes down, its with us, sun does not need to come down like that to give off heat.

Believing in Allah has 4 pillars

1) Believe Allah exists

2) Believe in Allah’s Lordship

3) Believe in Allah’s worship

4) Believe in Allahs Names & Attributes

Ibn Qayoom – “The  jahmiyaah worships non existence Allah says “Nothing Like Allah, the one who hears and sees”

Refutes the jahmiyaah

Allah uses a lot “hears & sees” because every creation has this

“As for those who deny Allahs names leave them” (Quran or Hadith)

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