Are There Signs for the Acceptance of Ḥajj and ʿUmrah?

Are There Signs for the Acceptance of Ḥajj and ʿUmrah?

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Q. Are there apparent signs to know that one’s fulfilment of Ḥajj and ʿUmrah has been accepted?

A. It is possible for there to be signs in which Allāh has accepted from those who make the pilgrimage (Ḥajj), those who fast, those who offer charity, and those who pray, and from these [signs] would be: relieving of the chest, happiness of the heart, brightness of the face; for indeed acts of obedience have signs which manifest themselves on the body of its occupier – rather, it manifests itself outwardly and inwardly also.

Some of the salaf have mentioned that from the signs of a good deed being accepted includes: that the person is given the ability to continue with that same good deed [after they have performed it once], for indeed Allāh giving the ability for them to continue the good after having performed it indicates the Allāh has accepted their first deed, and that Allāh has favoured them to perform it again as well as Him being pleased with it.

Ibn ʿUthaymīn, Dalīl al-Akhṭāʾ allathī yaqaʿu fī-hā al-Ḥāj wa’l-Muʿtamir, p.115

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